How to use AI and Machine Learning for SEO

Rapidly growing applications of AI and Machine Learning has put digital marketers on the verge of becoming ‘AI-First’.

Search-giant Google had admitted that they using Machine Learning into search algorithm with the introduction of ‘RankBrain‘ back in 2015. Which is responsible to deliver relevant search results based on the user’s query and also helps Google fight spamming websites.

In a recent survey by Emerj, “Search” was voted as the most profitable current application of AI and ML in marketing.

ai machine learning application in seo

In the earlier blog post, I’ve already explained What is AI-Powered SEO and How It Is Impacting Search Rankings?

So in this blog post, I will show you how you can use AI and Machine Learning for SEO. Keep reading!


SEO process can be complex and not be everybody’s cup of tea due to its unstructured nature and that’s why SEO experts are there. AI and Machine Learning can provide much-needed insights to SEO experts which they can never get with manual monitoring. Using these insights they can make informed decisions to align their SEO strategies with the marketing goals.

For example, Google Analytics provides automated insights by processing the website’s analytics data using machine learning.

google analytics artificial intelligence insights

Some of the essential SEO insights AI can provide:

  • Customer journey and optimization opportunities to improve it
  • High-quality keywords research and competitors analysis
  • Identify content marketing and link building opportunities
  • Content optimization opportunities based on visitors intent
  • Site performance in search engines and improvement areas


Long-term SEO strategies require a huge amount of work and it keeps increasing with the size of the website. That means you will have to add more human power to handle the increased workload. But what if you can automate time-consuming SEO tasks completely or partially using AI? You can have more time to focus on strategy and content improvisations.

For instance, here’s a chart that shows typical time you will require for keywords research by site size:

keyword research time in seo

And here are some of the tasks you can automate in SEO using AI:

  • Technical SEO audits
  • New keywords opportunities
  • Content marketing or link building opportunities
  • Internal site linking
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) opportunities


Using personalization, you can provide the most relevant and personalized website experience to visitors coming to your website from search engines. Using AI-powered tools or a plugin like WordLift, you can understand the intent of user who just landed on a website using some keyword and deliver content relevant to their search queries.

Predictive analysis is also one of the most important areas of AI. By studying which, search marketers can bridge the gap between what customers want and what they see. Hence, creating an engaging digital experience for the customers.

As per the research, 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences.

personalization affinity

So here’s how you can use AI for personalization in SEO:

  • Generating content based on customer’s intent, persona or current stage in buying journey.
  • Improve overall user experience and conversions using a personalization
  • Semantic intent analysis and content mapping
  • Customer segmentation and remarketing
  • Determine the best topics and platforms for publishing content


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are here to stay, be it SEO or any other areas of digital marketing. Tech-giants like Google, Facebook or Amazon all are using AI in their almost every digital offerings which marketers are using as their primary marketing channels. With constantly evolving digital landscape, marketers have to start integrating AI and Machine Learning in their SEO practices.

If you think your current SEO efforts are not delivering results as expected and need to overhaul the same using AI-powered SEO strategy, schedule a free 30-minute consultation call with me.

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