10 Reasons Why AI-Powered SEO is Important for Your Business

AI-Powered SEO is a new term being tossed around in the digital marketing industry. With search engines are relying heavily on AI to show relevant and quality results, why using AI in SEO has become the need of an hour for businesses.

Before we discussed What is AI-Powered SEO? and how it’s impacting search rankings. In this post, I’ve tried to list out the top 10 reasons why using AI for SEO can boost your SEO results:

1. Google’s BERT Update

Google announced its major AI-powered search algorithm update, BERT to fuel its prime objective to serve relevant results based on the user’s search query intent. The BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) is a self-learning algorithm based on NLP (Natural Language Processing). It helps Google to understand the context of texts and match it with a user’s search intent.

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2. Better Content Creation

It’s being predicted that AI will outperform humans in many activities including content writing in the next ten years. This sounds scary but there are AI-powered content tools that are helping content writers and marketers generate quality content in less time. Would these tools ever adapt a human writing style is still questionable but at least AI-assisted content creation is time-saving and already in practice.

3. Intent-based SEO

To improve the website’s performance in the organic channel, it’s very important to understand the user’s search intent and optimizing content for it. Using Artificial Intelligence it’s now easier to get insights on which content is performing better for which search query. Based on those insights you can chalk out your on-page content optimization strategy.

4. Content Marketing Optimization

As per the survey, 67% of marketers indicate audience identification and targeting as their top priority. You can leverage AI to get insights on your target audience such as their demographics, interests, best channel, best time, best topic and more. Using this data you can create or optimize your content marketing strategy by targeting the right audience with the right content.

5. Attribution Analysis

Once identified the right audience for content marketing, the next step is to define the customer journey by going through which visitor becomes your customer. Customers move through different stages as they interact more and more with your brand before they finally purchase.

As per SuperMetrics, 38% of all customer journeys involve more than one channel of interaction. You can use AI to understand your ideal customer’s journey and determine which channel, medium or content worked well for your customer.

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6. User Behavior Analytics

The user’s behavior pattern on the website suggests what stage of the customer journey that the user is on. As per the survey, more than 31% of respondents feel that AI helped them understand their customers better. AI provides insights about which type of content or page they are more interested in to know more about your product. It can also predict which segment of users is close to converting. Using these insights you can optimize existing content or plan campaigns to target that segment of users.

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7. Hyper-personalization

As Google is using AI and semantic search heavily into its search engine algorithm, you need to optimize content for user intent. Failing to provide the same semantic experience as website visitors expected from the search results can increase the bounce rate or get a low conversion rate.

Using AI, you can now identify an audience, their attribution, and behavioral pattern easily. Based on these insights you can personalize your content deeper to match with the user’s search intent and stage in the customer journey. As per the study, customers indicated that they are 40% more likely to spend more than planned when experiences are highly personalized.

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8. Real-time Optimization

AI can crunch a large amount of data and provide meaningful insights in real-time. So now you don’t have to wait for days or months to make informed decisions that can directly impact your business. AI not just providing insights into real-time, but also can optimize the user experience of your website visitors. You can create AI-powered landing pages and websites which can adapt real-time customization based on the user intent.

AI-Powered Landing Pages

9. AI-Powered SEO Automation

Artificial Intelligence can self-learn, understand data patterns, and make critical decisions that normally require human intelligence. You can automate labor-intensive SEO tasks using AI-Powered tools such as WordLift, Albert and Alli AI to save your time and focus on strategy part. AI can do real-time content optimization, automate link building and auditing and even take automated actions based on user behavior and engagements.

10. AI: Future of SEO

Customers are consuming more and more content online these days. Search engines are now frequently updating their algorithms using AI to deliver quality search results. As per eMarketer, advancements in machine learning and AI will have the biggest impact on SEO in the next 3 years.

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For businesses, having just SEO optimized websites and content will not work anymore. Using AI to deliver a rich and personalized user experience to customers is only a future-proof SEO strategy to maintain a competitive edge.


Leveraging AI into SEO strategies starting from the keyword research to developing content strategy gives you exponential returns than out-fashioned tactics. No matter who you’re- an entrepreneur, small business or big enterprise, AI is key to digital marketing success for your business.

Wanted to evaluate how your business is going to benefit from AI-Powered SEO strategy? Schedule your no-cost, no-obligation 30-minute free consultation call with me to discuss your website, marketing objectives and business goals you’re trying to achieve.

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